Building the Kingdom of God is more than the responsibility of the Pastor. God has called every Christian to ministry and within the church there are multiple ways to serve! New Life is constantly looking for new volunteers to help further the Kingdom! Volunteer servanthood is a vital part of any church that will take a willing heart, dedication, professionalism and the ability to know what you will be most effective at and called to do.


To adequately fulfill our calling there must be guidelines in place to serve in any ministry. However, there are different ministry levels and depending on the ministry you choose to participate will determine which requirements should be met. As a standard for all ministries, our volunteers must complete our Next Steps Classes and we ask that you be an active member of New Life which includes being a contributor, living a clean moral life and daily striving to learn more about God and His Word. Also, know that we at New Life take the safety of our children seriously and will require background checks for any ministry participant that will be working within any area that involves children.


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