Our Core Values


People matter to God…All people! Jesus didn’t die for just my race, or just your country. He came to seek and to save all people regardless of ethnicity, age, or economic standing. New Life Church of Concord is a multi-cultural, multi-generational church. We believe that we’re stronger together. We’re all not the same, but we all belong just the same.


God deserves the best. He’s perfect, and we’re not. He does everything well, and sometimes we fall short. Our falling short isn’t an excuse to not offer Him our very best. Our ministries, our facilities, our programs, our services–in everything we do we strive for excellence because our God deserves it. Excellence never shows up in the same place with “good enough.” Excellence comes where excellence alone is valued, and we value offering God our very best.


We are consistently generous in the giving of our time, our talents, and our treasure. Love gives more than it takes. As our capacity for loving God, His Kingdom, and His church expands, we see more and more how generously we should live our lives. At New Life, we give our time and talent to serve in a ministry from the Parking Team, to CEM Kids Ministry, to the Sanctuary praise team. We believe in finding a place to generously serve. We generously give of our finances in tithing and offerings. People don’t give to New Life Church, they give through us. We’re blessed to be a blessing!


We place high value on our relationship with Christ, with our spouses and families, with other believers, and with our community. Strong communities are built on strong churches, and strong churches (the kind of church we want to be) are built on strong families. We create engaging environments for our disconnected culture to reconnect to others on a personal and genuine level. We were created for community, and our church helps people fulfill that fundamental purpose of humanity.


Many Christians believe that they’re ‘finished’ at their conversion, but that couldn’t be further from accurate. You’re made right before God at that very moment, but you’re just beginning this incredible journey known as the faith-walk. There’ll be twists and turns, ups and downs, good times and not-so good times, and we want you to have a few tools to help you navigate through that journey. At New Life, we want you to have an opportunity to not just begin the faith-walk, but to continue that walk towards a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.