Membership Application


You may ask yourself what is the purpose of submitting a Membership Application? There area many benefits at New Life! We are consistently striving to insure that the needs of our members are met to the best our ability. Such things as access to our Pastor, Deacon Staff and our Care Team. By choosing New Life and making the personal commitment to support our church with your attendance, prayers, servanthood and finances we likewise make every effort possible to be of service to you and your family.


Once your application is received, your information is then entered into all of the various databases for contact purposes. When filling out the application you may choose various ministries that you would like to be matched up with. As a standard for all ministries, we ask that you be an active member of New Life which includes being a contributor, living a clean moral life and daily striving to learn more about God and His Word. Also, know that we at New Life take the safety of our children seriously and will require background checks for any ministry participant that will be working within any area that involves children.